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Northeast Florida Optometric Society

Make a donation in support of Legislative Advocacy

Optometry must be engaged supporting candidates for legislative office who are favorably disposed to the ideals, goals, and objectives of optometry. It is important for a legislated profession that legislators not only recognize and understand the issues which are of importance to the profession, but it is critical that the profession work to elect those legislators who support the profession. The interests of optometry are served by supporting the campaigns of those legislative candidates who will sponsor legislation beneficial to optometry and who will work to defeat legislation detrimental to the profession.

NOTE: You do not need to be an Optometrist or a member of AOA, FOA, or NEFOS in order to donate and support the Optometric profession.  

To donate online, please click here.

To mail in your contribution, the address is:

Gary L. Barker, OD,  Chairman
1928 Howell Branch Road
Winter Park, FL 32792
Phone: 407-671-5445

Remember: Optometry is a legislated profession and we depend on having a strong voice in the State Legislature so that we may continue to provide quality, timely care to all of our patients.  Having that strong voice requires money, and that money comes from you!  Again remember, it's your profession, and the FOA is the ONLY organization in Florida that represents your profession in this state!

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